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Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC),is the Sri Lanka network TV station.Rupavahini TV channel is gifted by Japanese peoples to the nation of Sri Lanka.The main purpose of this TV channel is to educate the peoples as well as for the information and entertainment.Rupavahini TV broadcast their programs in 03 languages that’s are the major languages of the whole country(Tamil,Sinhala and English).This is the major television network in Sri Lanka.It is totally operated by the Government of Sri Lanka.This channel was launched in 1982 and Mohan Samaranayake is the chair man of that TV station.This TV channel is now available in the whole country and broadcast their transmission 24 hours a day.It plays a lot of dramas,children programs,family serial and documentary programs in dubbed.Every one can also buy their favorite dramas/serials in DVD and VCD from their online website.It also telecast cartoons,sports events as well as telecast live news national and international,its a hub of information and entertainment.SLRC TV channel broadcast their transmission in VHF and UHF frequencies in the country.You can easily Watch TV Channel Online here from all around the world.For more information you may visit official website.

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 ஆனால் ரூபவாஹினி தொலைக்காட்சி ஆன்லைன் இலவச இலங்கை லைவ் ஸ்ட்ரீமிங்

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