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A Brief Introduction Regarding Indian TV Channels

At present its a huge and big market of  Television Stations in India.According to the fact and figures of Wikipedia at least 515 TV Channels broadcast from India.In addition a series of television having numerous genres like entertainment, infotainment, educational, news, music, movies, sports, food & cooking, health, regional, religious, Hindi, English and International television stations broadcast from India.In the competition era of electronic and digital media India’s television stations have a great worth world wide.All the channels are available in different languages that’s are spoken in India like:

Bengali English Telungu Marathi
Gujrati Bhojpuri Urdu Oriya
Kannada Kashmiri Assamese Punjabi
Malayalam Local Hindi Tamil

A wide range of satellite,digital,internet,and cable television stations present in the country and lot of private and government channels operated a series of television across the country.Peoples from all over the world like and also appreciate the media networks of India.The first TV channel was launched in 1959.Specially the entertainment drama serials, industry(Bollywood) , cricket games,food,cultural as well as other life style aspects are very familiar all around the world.